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English to Polish Translations

Expert in legal and business communication

Translating contracts, reports and professional articles is serious business.
With experience in Legal, Business and Corporate fields, I will help you grow your rapport with the Polish audience. 

Let me enchant your clients and partners with a flawless, exemplary and ready-to-publish translation always delivered on time.

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My main goal is to help my clients overcome linguistic barriers. Many times, they struggle to establish contact with Polish partners with the right message. I provide them with smooth and accurate translations that serve their global communication needs and convey their message.


Why choose Translatica Sylwia Biczyk?

Because I am a professional Polish translator.

I have the knowledge and experience needed to convert your English text into Polish.

I pay attention to the tone, meaning, content and cultural cues with attention to the finest detail. 

Thanks to my know-how you can be sure that your Polish translations are both correct and accurate.


Would you like to find out more about my translation services? Would you like to discuss how I can help you grow your business?

Contact me and we’ll discuss your needs!

legal corporate translations

Legal corporate translations

This is a niche dedicated specifically to corporate documents, such as agreements, reports and legal opinions. When you run a company, there is a ton of information you need to exchange with partners, clients or government officials. Translating documents requires familiarity with not only legal jargon but also the corporate reality.

I will translate your English text to conform to the specific Polish legal language. Contact me or read more about my accurate legal translations from English into Polish.


Business translations

Companies rely on the business translation of documents to communicate, manage and plan their day-to-day operations. In order to effectively connect with your Polish business audience, accurate translation is essential. 

From business-critical documents to internal corporate translations, contact me or read more about my expert business translating services.

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corporate communication

Business translations

In order to effectively communicate with your Polish business audience, accurate translation is essential. From business-critical documents to internal corporate translations, contact me or read more about my professional business translating service.

corporate communication

Website copy for business

Language versions of your website need to be adjusted to the region and context of the target audience. To present the mission, vision and goals of your company requires a special touch of a native translator. When you want to reach to the Polish audience, you have to focus on the precise and culture-sensitive message.

With my expertise, I will translate your target text into Polish effectively. Contact me or read more about website translations.

Experienced Polish translator

Over the years, I completed countless English to Polish translations. They added up to over 3 million translated words in the professional fields of law, business and corporate communication. For more details about projects per topic, go to translation services.

Law: 1,500,00+ words translated
Business: 900,000+ words translated
Corporate: 750,000+ words translated
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