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A desk job? Me? Never.

Even when I was very little, I was forever reading and writing.

But when the time came to choose a career, I pursued my dream to become a registered nurse.

Moreover, I moved to the US to live and study in Philadelphia, PA.
I wanted to do work that helps people and creates positive change in their life.
Also, I really liked the scrubs.

Leaving behind my family and my fiancé, I immersed myself in the English language and American culture.

O mnie

The Pivot

My 5-year stay in the US was a wonderful, mind-opening experience with a steep learning curve that shaped me as a person.

I realized that most people felt like me: Intrigued by the language, in love with the foreign culture, in need of native help to make this new country their home ground.

What a difference I would be able to make for those seeking to grow roots in my favorite, my home country Poland!

When I returned to Poland for love, I enrolled in a full M.A. program at Warsaw University and honed my passion for language, my knack for business, and my talent for communication to perfection.

Today, I help you bridge cultural differences and linguistic nuances.

My knowledge and expertise are at your service, both to grow your reach and reputation on the Polish market and perfect inner-company communication within your Polish branch.

Degrees and Certifications

  • 2019

    International Legal English – Key Terminology

    Use of English in a commercial law environment, such as company, contracts and competition law. Culminated with an examination (grade A)

  • 2019

    Marketing and copywriting courses (Digital Marketers)

    Training on connecting community to business objectives, building and managing online communities

  • 2018

    Advanced Legal English for Polish Purposes

    A legal English course addressed to Polish lawyers and translators. Culminated with an examination (grade A)

  • 2018

    Translation & Localization Conference, Warsaw (Poland)

    Industry event with 40 presentations, workshops and debates for translation agencies, translators and end clients

  • 2014

    English Legal Translations

    Introduction to legal translation with a focus on certified translations

  • 2011

    Linguistics of Law & Business “Sawicki-LLB”, Poland

    Training for lawyers and translators, including translation practice

  • 2007

    M.A. in English (Warsaw University, Poland)

    Full degree with modules including literature, translations, intercultural studies

I’m the perfect addition to your team.

Since 2010, I’ve been translating legal documents, corporate communication, and audits for entrepreneurs and corporations.

Tight schedules, high-level reports, sensible communication?
I welcome the challenge and will always deliver on time and ready for publication.

Click here to contact me directly.